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MM 1 Not rural/regional * Show map
MM 1 Not rural/regional * Show map
MM 1 Not rural/regional * Show map
* for access to Medicare Better Access psychology rebates

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What is the Modified Monash Model?

The Modified Monash Model (MMM) categorises all Australian locations as urban, regional, or remote.

It gives places a category from MM 1 (city) to MM 7 (very remote) based on their population size and remoteness from capital cities.

Several Government health and mental health programmes define their eligibility using the MMM.

Where do patients have to be located, to get Medicare rebates on telehealth psychology?

They need to be in a MM 4 to MM 7 area at the time of their appointment.

The psychologist can be located anywhere in Australia, as long as they are at least 15 km apart by road.

For more information see the Department of Health guidelines.

What are the Modified Monash Model categories?

MM 1 Metropolitan
MM 2 Regional centres
MM 3 Large rural towns
MM 4 Medium rural towns
MM 5 Small rural towns
MM 6 Remote communities
MM 7 Very remote communities

Where does the data come from?

The Modified Monash Model classification system is prepared by the Australia Department of Health, using remoteness and population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This site uses the most recent MMM data (2019) courtesy of under a CC BY 2.5 AU licence.

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